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Expedition Estonia is a physically and mentally demanding adventure race through midsummer Estonia. Every year a new route awaits the participants – so far the race has taken them from Lahemaa to Pärnu (2017); From Lake Peipus to Pärnu (2018); From Pärnu to Paldiski (2019) and from Koidula along the Peipus coastal area to Põlula (2020). The route of 2021 is still being planned, but it will probably run from Tartu to Tallinn in the area between the main highway and Piibe highway, with the subtitle “Third road”. This is a surprisingly wild and exciting area that is often undervalued! The course must be completed under participants’ own power, witt and responsibility without motorized aids. You can participate alone or in a team of 2 members. The course leads from the established trails to the untouched, more difficult terrain, which makes it a real wilderness expedition. In the interests of protecting the terrain, number of participants is limited.
The course through Estonia must be traversed in the channel shown on the map, within which everyone has to choose their own specific route. Both maps and electronic devices are allowed for navigation. Real-time GPS tracking of all participants with Sportrec devices will take place.

The estimated winning time is approx. 16 hours. The course is open for 45 hours.
The exact route of the total journey of approx. 230 km is becoming clear and will be ready by May 1, 2020. According to the course master’s vision, the race will start from the city of Tartu, from where it will head upstream along the Emajõgi River. Means of travel is still unclear. Following the medieval trails on bikes, racers then reach the Endla Nature Reserve, which is crossed by waterways in canoes while bicycles must be carried in the canoes. From the other side ow Endla wilderness you will travel through fertile farmlands to Kõrvemaa protected area. It’s famous with Estonians as it has been extensively described in literature about the hard life of peasants in farms on small dry patches of land in midst of swamps and forests. Now mostly only ruins are left on the swamp islands from the former farms… So you will find some of those farms on trekking leg. The last section of the course is again done by bike. Finishline is located directly on Vabaduse Square in Tallinn. It is probably possible to take part in an alternative cycling class and route again for those who do not consider a longer trekking stage suitable.
There are presumably 3 transition areas. There is catering and resting possibilities.

July 02, 22.14 – the sun is setting, START
July 03, 04.18 – the sun is rising
July 03, 14-15.00 finish of the first team
July 03, 22.13 – the sun is setting again
July 04, 04.20 – the sun is rising again
July 04, 15.00 – end of time limit

The participation fee is € 100 per person. It includes course and maps, GPS device for live tracking, catering in transition areas and finish, saunas, finisher souvenir, Expedition Estonia-themed clothing and all the other small details that make the trip enjoyable.

The price does not include transport of equipment to the start / finish and between the exchange areas. Ideally, participants would have their own assistants. If it is not possible to involve an assistant, the organizer will provide a logistics service for an additional fee, which cost 30 euros. You can use your own watercraft. Boat rental with delivery, life jacket and oar costs 30 euros.
Detailed information will be announced on May 1, 2020

There are two rounds of registration, May 31 is the last day to register to get a specially designed item of clothing (after that date, the start-up package for registrants does not include an item of clothing) and from June 1 the registration fee will be € 20 and the transport service price € 5. Registration ends on June 27, but we recommend that you register early, because this is the only way we can ensure the best organization and experience.
If you cancel your participation for any reason on or before May 31, 90% of the participation fee will be refunded. June 50% and after June 14 the participation fee is not refundable.


Foreign participants contact ACE Adventure for logistics support from Tallinn!

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