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Expedition Estonia – a non-stop coast to coast multisport race with navigation (GPS allowed). Race course goes through western Estonian forested areas, crosses several big bogs with hundreds of lakes and ends on north coast harbour town Paldiski. It’s midsummer so there will be only about 3 hours of darkness. Race course is free between waypoints and is on small roads and paths but also traverses vast pathless wilderness areas.


GPS replay

Race course length is approx. 170 km. Course is not marked, navigation by maps and personal GPS device is allowed. Course consist of 3 legs:
On foot: ca 55 km from Kastna Holiday Village to Rumba on small roads and paths and big trailless bogs;
By bike: ca 90 km from Rumba to Vintse on small gravel and forest roads and boggy paths.
By kayak/packraft: ca 25 km from Vintse to Pakri islands to Vintse.
It is a team race, with 1-3 participants in a team. Expected winners time is about 16 hours, course open for 37,5h.
There are 2 transition areas with food and possibility to rest.

June 21, 22:32 – sunset, START
June 22, 04:14 – sunrise
June 22, 14-15:00 first team in finish
June 22, 22:32 – sunset again
June 23, 04:14 – again sunrise
June 23, 12:00 – finish closed

Participation fee per person:
Own assistant (no logistics support from organisation) 100 eur
+ 35 eur Logistics support from organiser (transport to start from Paldiski, bike to transition areas, transition bags to transition areas etc. Does not include water craft transport, except packraft).
+ 35 eur kayak/packraft rental per person (full service, delivery to start, drop off at finish)
Renting a bike is also possible: http://www.citybike.ee/bike-rental-in-estonia
Participation fee includes 3xmeal in transitions and finish, GPS following for supporters, maps and course, finisher prize, participant shirt.

To get participant shirt you have to register latest May 31.

Registration ends on June 18.

Foreign participants contact ACE Adventure for logistics support from Tallinn! info@wilderness.ee

FINAL RESULTS 2018 with time penalties

SPLITS 2018 (missing few teams who has lost ther SI-card and time penalties not included)



GPS 2017 replay

Teams GPS 2017 tracks download