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Expedition Estonia is a physically and mentally demanding journey through midsummer Estonia. You can participate alone or with 2-member teams. The journey takes you off the beaten track to untouched difficult terrain, making it a true wilderness expedition. The number of participants is limited in order to protect the landscape.

The journey through Estonia will follow a navigation channel, in the framework of which a specific route can be chosen by participants. Both map and electronic devices are allowed for navigation. Real-time GPS tracking of all participants is included.
Predicted winning time is approximately 16 hours. The course is open for 37.75 hours.

The exact route will be clear by May 1, 2020 , but it will be about 230km. According to coursemaster, the journey starts on bikes at the southern border and passes through fishing villages on the west bank of Lake Lämmijärv to massive Emaõje Suursoo wetland. The concept of crossing the rivers and wetlands is in the planning process, but it may include the obligation to carry a bike with you on your boat, canoe or raft. Upon exiting the wetlands you will travel north through culturally rich and forest clad countryside to vast Alutaguse forests and bogs. Journey ends with a long hike over open bogs and artificial landscape – remains of the soviet industrial area. We will probably create an alternative bike class and route for those who don’t like to take long hikes on foot.

There are presumably 3 transition areas. There is food and resting option there.

Predicted winning time is approximately 16 hours. The course is open for 37.75 hours.

July 3rd 22.11 – sunset, START in Koidula
July 4th 04.12 – sunrise
July 4th – 3pm, 1st team finish in Kohtla-Järve
July 4th 22.13 – sunset
July 5th 04.20 – sunrise
July 5th 12 noon – finish closes.

The entry fee is € 100 per person. It includes course design and course map, GPS unit for live tracking, transition area food, a souvenir, an Expedition Estonia t-shirt and all other small details that make the trip enjoyable.

The price does not include transportation of equipment to the start / finish and between the exchange areas. Participants should ideally have their own assistants. If you cant use assistant, the organizer provides a logistics service, which costs € 30 per person. The subject of the boat rental is still in planning process – we are considering the possibility of using and renting a packraft, canoe or kayaks.
There are two rounds of registration, May 31 is the last day to apply to get a t-shirt (after this date, the start package does not include a t-shirt) and from June 1st, € 5 will be added to the price of transport. Registration ends June 26th, but we encourage you to sign up early to ensure the best organization and experience.

90% of the entry fee will be refunded if canceled on or before May 31st. 50% up to June 14th, and no refunds later.


Foreign participants contact ACE Adventure for logistics support from Tallinn!

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