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The course joins the marathon course at about the 28th kilometer, is about 15 km long and runs through the Jussi heather field and Aegviidu forests in the nature reserve of Põhja Kõrvemaa. The trails are 90% on natural soil and are specially marked for this event. The trail has several climbs (15km total approx. 190m) and swampy sections. The trail can be completed both by running and walking, incl. walking with poles. Time is taken, service is provided at the food stations and at the finish line.

The competition center and the finish line are located on the territory of Aegviidu school, address Pärna tn 1, Aegviidu, Estonia. Google https://goo.gl/maps/u9cDBjAm5LYRypJg6

Parking is organized in the immediate vicinity of the competition center. Please follow the instructions of the parking organizers.

To reduce the burden on the environment, we recommend using public transport to come to the event! It also provides an opportunity to relax before and after the race. The Aegviidu competition center is located 250m northwest of the railway station, so it is most convenient to arrive/go home in the direction of Tallinn or Tartu with the Elron train! See elron.ee for train times!

Koersilla parking area (Google https://goo.gl/maps/RGyvNNTZhovibCeSA)

The start of the 15km race is approx. 15km drive from the finish line. Participants will be taken to the start from Aegviidu by special transport. Transportation is included in the start fee for participants. The organizer transports one bag for each participant from the starting area to the finish line, a tag to mark the bag is available with the race number.

It is also allowed to come to the start with your own transport (e.g. someone drops you off), but please note that AFTER THE RACE THERE WILL BE NO ORGANIZED TRANSPORT FROM THE FINISH TO THE START!

Aegviidu school, Pärna tn 1, Aegviidu. At the finish, all participants get a souvenir, food, drink and washing facilities. There is a sauna!

Note: on scheme the bus time 9:40 is for the marathon event! 15km race busses leave 11:20 from race center

9:00 The distribution of materials begins at the competition center in Aegviidu.
11:20 15km Special bus leaves the competition center for the start in Aegviidu.
11.00 Distribution of materials begins in the starting area at Koersilla.
11.40 Buses arrive at the starting area at Koersilla.
12.00 15km start at Koersilla
18:45 The finish line closes

Registration at https://eventor.ee.

Registration costs EUR 35 until September 20; 40 EUR from September 21 to October 8. From October 9 and on the day of the competition, registration costs EUR 50 in the starting area.
For minors (under 18) and pensioners of the Republic of Estonia, the participation fee is -20% when pre-registering using the code TULEVIK. https://www.plotaroute.com/route/2021984

The registration fee includes bus transport from Aegviidu to start; equipment bag transport from start to finish; course marking and waterproof course map; electronic timekeeping; drinks and meals at aid stations; multi-course catering at the finish line; commemorative diploma and medal (if you finish); washing facility and sauna; prizes for the three fastest finishers in both competition classes (men and women); free photos from the race.

By registrating you support Estonian ACE Adventure Team’i participation in Adventure Racing World Championships (arworldseries.com).

Recipient’s name: Estonian Adventure Racing Team MTÜ
Recipient’s address: Lossi 6-2, 12616 Tallinn
Recipient’s bank: Swedbank – Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn
Bank account number (IBAN): EE822200221061459424
Recipient bank SWIFT code/ BIC: HABAEE2X

If you notify of your non-participation until October 1, 50% of the participation fee will be returned. After this date, the participation fee is non-refundable. Changing the participant’s name is free of charge. Registration for a longer distance costs the difference of the registration fees.

A wave start is used to disperse runners on narrow sections of track and boardwalk and make the running experience even better for everyone. We believe that every runner knows very well which wave they fit into, and therefore everyone can choose their own wave. As long as there is no massive over/underestimation of abilities by runners, we will not ask for proof of previous results and will not assign you to waves. Once you have selected a wave, you have to start from that wave, as each wave has a different start time. Lines can occur on a narrow section of track despite the waves. If you notice that a line has gathered behind you – please step to the side of the track for a moment, take a few seconds of rest and let the faster runners pass you by! Thanks for a reasonable, calculated choice!
12:00 Rabbits – you are an experienced long-distance runner who covers kilometers in a running competition at a pace of less than 5 min/km. You run on time and place. The record time for a normal marathon is approx. 3h45min and below.
approx. 12.02 Wolves – you are an experienced long-distance runner who covers kilometers in a running competition at a pace of less than 5.30 min/km. Time and place are not very important, although catching a few rabbits would add spice to the run…
approx. 12.04 Foxes – you are a cunning and tactical runner who starts with a smart, calm pace of approx. 6 min/km and has in mind above all to complete the entire course with a pleasant feeling of well-being.
approx. 12.06 Bears – you enjoy running in the forest at a pace between a run and a hike, you are not afraid to walk uphill, but you always go all the way out.

Timing is by net time – the time starts when you cross the starting line!

Competition materials are issued at the competition center in Aegviidu. The material includes
• course map
• number with timing chip
• partner materials
• Participant’s equipment bag identification number

The organizer transports one bag for each competitor from the starting area to the finish. The bag must be marked with your race number and taken to the bag collection point shown in the starting area. The bag can be picked up at the finish based on the race number. The organizers do not accept any responsibility for damage, breakage or loss of property in the bags.

All participants must carry the following equipment on the course:

  • Mobile phone. Switched on, waterproof packaging, number of the organizer saved in memory: +372 5294233. The competitor must give the organizer his/her phone number when registering or picking up the competition materials.
  • Course map
  • Race number to be worn in a visible place attached to the front of the chest or front of the thigh. Timing is done with the chip attached to the number. If the number is not visible or is lost, it is not possible to guarantee the timing. Please do not attach the number to the bag.
  • Drinking bottle or drinking bag or drinking cup. Drinking stations do not have disposable drinking cups, but there are pouches for pouring the drink into the bottle itself or into a drinking bag or cup. The drinking station has some drinking cups for shared use. Since the distance between drinking points is long, we recommend carrying a drinking bag/bottle.
  • Energy-rich food according to personal preference. When planning your nutrition, keep in mind that trail running takes about 25% more time for experienced runners and up to 50% more time for less experienced runners than road running. There are food (bread, salt, bananas, raisins, candies) at the three main drink stations. It is also possible to pick and eat cranberries, strawberries and blueberries 🙂
  • in case of bad weather conditions (temperature below 10c, wind, rain, snow, etc.) wind/waterproof jacket.
  • headlamp for slow runners who doubt they’ll make it by the time the finish closes at 6:30 p.m..

Participants must choose clothing appropriate for the weather and their physical abilities. Organizers are ready to give advice on clothing.

All participants must take into account the fact that quitting the race is not possible except in critical medical emergency. Especially in the first part of the course, it is a secluded wilderness to which there is no access by motorized transport.


Course map: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/2021984

Course is about 15 km long and is marked with direction signs, pink ribbons on branches and trees. The majority of the trail runs along the RMK hiking trail, marked with a white/red dot on the trees. The next marker is always visible from the previous one. Orienteering skills are not necessary to complete the course.
The 15k course matches the Wilderness Marathon course 100% from the 28 km of the marathon. In this regard, we kindly ask those walking calmly to be attentive to runners and give way to those moving faster!

Attention! The course runs on narrow and bumpy forest paths, boardwalks, forest roads. Your feet will most likely get muddy and wet! Course map you get with materials is designed to track your progress and help locate you in an emergency. Kilometer markers written on the map are marked with signs in nature (every 5 km). Since it is a cross-country course, the kilometer markings are not 100% accurate.

Participants must move along the marked path. When leaving the marked course, you must return to it from the same place you left. The finish closes at 18:45. So it takes a little more than 7.5 hours to complete the course. Participants arriving at the finish line after 18:45 will not be timed or serviced and organizers may leave…

There are two aid stations on the course. Locations of stations are shown on the course map.

  • 4,5 km – Leppsilla
  • 12,2 – on last big hill…

Water, sports drink, bananas, raisins, chocolate and gummies, bread & salt, pickles are available at the first drinking station. Stimulating drinks and snacks are available at the second beverage station.
There are no single-use drinking cups in aid stations. The water containers have taps or you can lift the water into your bottle or drink bag with your own cup. Please do not drink directly from the tap. There are also some communal cups available. The water at the drinking station is only for drinking. Use water from lakes and streams along the trail to wash or refresh. In general, the water in the lakes and ponds along the trail is clean and drinkable.
Participants are responsible for food and drink in the area between drinking stations. External help and earlier leaving of food/drinks on the course is not allowed.


Difficult course and uneven ground can lead to the risk of injury. The first half of the trail is in the wilderness, from which the nearest road is more than 2 km, so the arrival of first aid is slow.
If a co-participant needs help, the participant is obliged to do best to provide help. In case of serious injuries, first call the emergency number 112 and then inform the organizer. The main organizer’s phone number is +372 5294233 and it is also printed on the course map.


Quitting is not possible. If you want to stop, you have to move to the finish.
Always inform the organizer if you decide to return home without completing the course and do not cross the finish line. Otherwise, we start worrying about wolves and bears living in the landscape.

There are toilets in the competition center and the starting area. There are no official toilets on the trail. If you make a forest stop on the trail, make sure that there are no visible traces of your operation in the wild.

Most of the hiking trail runs in the Põhja Kõrvemaa nature reserve. All participants are responsible for ensuring that the event does not damage nature and that there are no conflicts with other hikers in nature.

If you meet hikers or pass another participant, be polite and share the trail in a friendly manner. If necessary, ask for permission to pass or let someone who wants to move faster pass. You have to be especially careful when meeting oncoming traffic and passing on boardwalks, as there is a risk of falling.
All gel packs, paper bars and other debris must be carried with you and placed in the bins located at drink stations or at the finish line. Intentional littering will result in cancellation and ban from future events.


All finishers receive hot soup, drink and cake.

You can wash in the new sports hall of the Aegviidu school house, there are men’s and women’s saunas, and common outdoor hottub (mixed).


The finish protocol will be published on the information board of the competition center and on the website www.wilderness.ee NET TIME is used.
All finishers receive a memento and diploma. You can traditionally make the diploma yourself – stick the participant number according to the instructions on the diploma and stamp the finish time on it.


The participation fee of the competition includes all the official photos of the event, which are published on the event’s website or on Facebook and are free to use. By registering to participate, the participant confirms his/her consent that photos of him/her at the event may be published on the Internet and used for marketing purposes by the organizer or the organizer’s partners.
If you take photos on the course yourself, you can share them with other participants on the Estonian Wilderness Marathon Facebook page. Event organizer Estonian ACE Adventure Team https://www.facebook.com/aceadventure/ also covers the event.

Main organizer: Timmo Tammemäe, info@wilderness.ee, phone +372 529 4233