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Expedition Estonia is an adventure expedition race through midsummer Estonia from shore of lake Peipus to the summer capital of Pärnu.
– Participants can take part solo or in a team of 2-3 persons.
– Race course traverses Estonian mainland from east to west and participants must travel on paths, small roads and the river. The use of large paved roads is not allowed. There are ten checkpoints in a well-known locations, but between these points you can choose your own route.
– For navigation, both map and electronic devices are allowed.
– Real-time GPS tracking for all participants.
– Predictable winning time is about 15 hours. Course is open 48 hours.

There are four stages with specified mode of travel:
1) On foot from Lake Peipsi Nina village – to Tabiverre village about 40 km. In the shortest night of the year, the participants travel through grounds of fairy-tale Alatskivi Castle, through Padakõrve forests and across the lake district of Vooremaa.
2) Bike stage consists of two parts, the first of which is about 25 km long from Tabivere to Puurmani village through a forested area with significant importance in Estonia’s War of Independence, where Lieutenant Julius Kuperjanov created his partisan battalion.
3) Water stage is about about 35 km through the uninhabited wetlands of Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve to a forgotten village of London. The village got its name by a small glass industry in the thirties of the last century, whose chimney swept into the mist of the river-fog created the appearance of London for locals.
4) From London, the bike stage continues for 135km through the hilly Mulgimaa and lonely forested Soomaa. To reach Pärnu, participants have to find a passage through Kikepera bogs and forests south of Soomaa National Park.

Food and resting facilities are provided in transition areas.

June 22, 17:45-18.30 – meeting area in Tartu (a train arriving from Tallinn at 17.50, more info elron.ee) are open, competition materials distribution, participant transport service orderers bikes and equipment bag take in
June 22, 18.30 – bus leaves for start in Nina village
June 22, 19:00 – startarea open at Nina Lighthouse, course maps will held out in paper, printed on waterproof paper, visiting the lighthouse, can send overlays to the first transition area
June 22, 22:24 – sunset (Nina village), START
June 23, 04:06 – sunrise (Puurmani)
June 23, 13-14:00 first team in finish
June 23, 22:33 – sunset again (Pärnu)
June 24, 04:15 – again sunrise (Pärnu)
June 24, 22:24 – finish closed

Participation fee is € 90 per person registered at the latest on May 25, after which the participation fee will increase by € 10. The fee includes course maps, check points on the terrain, GPS tracking for each participating team, food in transition areas and finish, participation memorabilia, t-shirt (NB! for first 80 registers) and all other small details that make the trip enjoyable.

In order to keep the participation fee low and offer the participants the possibility to involve a friend or family as support team / assistant, the entry fee does not include logistic services of the competition – the transport of equipment & bicycle and boat between the exchange areas and the finish. For participants who do not have the opportunity to engage in their assistant, the organizer offers two of the following services:

1) Full service transport for € 30, which includes:
1.1) Participant transport from assembly point to start.
1.2) Transporting the participant’s bike and equipment bag (except the boat) to the required transition area and finish from assembly point.
2) Kayak rent € 30 or canoe rent € 20, where the desired water vehicle awaits you at the start of the water stage with paddle, skirt and lifevest and also after the water stage you don’t have to worry about the boat.
NB! The price is per person, that is, in case of a team you have to choose a kayak / canoe rental for each member (in the case of a dual team, the team will have one double kayak available for the team, three person team will receive one single and one double kayak.) The canoes are triple and can be run by two persons as well as three).

The price of the above services is valid until May 25, after which the price will increase by € 5.

Registration ends on June 17.

International competitors should contact organisers for suggestions for equipment rental, travel and help with logistics: info@wilderness.ee


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